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New Store Opening
Charm Tower City, border town. Miss Cao is a native of Xinjiang. She was here for many years, young and promising, experienced, and also runs other businesses. In 2019, Miss. Cao knew ILAHUI from a friend. Afterwards, he visited the headquarters and inspected the company. The company's nanny service deeply moved her and immediately signed the contract. After coming back, renovate. Signed 1 shop in May 2019. After the epidemic, two stores were intensively prepared, and the Dosofia was also being renovated. July 4th, 2020 ILAHUI Store finally opened. The price of the goods is cheap, and the best-selling products are popular among the locals. During the period of loading, the local people like them very much. The lucky smashing of golden eggs during the opening was also lively. The customer enthusiasm is high. Customers also choose their favorite products. Our staff is busy from morning to night. The opening performance of RMB 30,559. Let's take a look at the hot scene of our activity first.
Warm congratulations to Longnan County, Gansu Province, the total opening performance of Mr Yong’s store is as high as RMB 34472.7. He was previously engaged in mother and baby business. By seeing our ILAHUI offline store in Lanzhou, he was attracted by our display and products. Participated in the Lanzhou Investment Promotion Association,he joined our ILAHUI. The crowds was very crowded and lively at the opening site. The cash register lined up in a long line. His store was the most central location in the county. The transportation is convenient and the supervision and announcement on the opening day was in place, and the popularity was bursting. The audience was buying can not stop. Let’s take a look at the hot scene of the opening of Mr Yong’s store!
Mr Zhou was our supplier before. After understanding the company's policies and five-dimensional supervision services, he was very recognized and optimistic about our company. On January 12, 2019, he became our franchise store. After opening, Mr. Zhou kept pace with our company and his performance has been steadily increasing. On October 1st, 2019, Mr Zhou ‘s 2nd store was officially opened in Jinan Zhangqiu Harmony Plaza. After the opening, Mr zhou actively participated in every event arranged by the company. This Dragon Boat Festival event was also actively coordinated. With the full display and passionate supervision of the store and the active cooperation of the staff, the event was successfully completed! Let's take a look at our event site.
Miss Gu used to work on a department store for other brands. At the company ’s investment promotion meeting, she got involved with our company and learned about the company ’s brand “ilahui”. After she knew well about our brand, finally signed a contract with company at the end of last year. After the site selection recommendation of one of the company's five-dimensional supervision, Miss Gu confirmed the shop signing within 5 days then on April 19, “ilahui”settled in and opened in the 2nd and 7th Wanda Plaza, and detonated the shopping spree in the 2nd and 7th Wanda market on the same day.Shop with crowded consumers and they are happy to buy more goods.
​ ​​It has been two years since Mr.Li joined ilahui. His performance keeps stable and increasing! The business is high in ordinary days or on weekends and doubles performance during holidays! Mr. Li is almost not in store in ordinary days and all the things in store are dealt by shop manager and company! Under company’s support and training, the shop assistants’ professional knowledge and team awareness are improved, which don’t need Mr.Li to worry and don’t affect Mr.Li to do other business! On November 30th, the supervisors came to Mr.Li’s store early for preparation. By their effort, the performance finally reached 11743 yuan. Next let’s see the activity spot!
​ ​​Speaking of Mr.Tang, he is our old alliance business. Before joining us, he had done business for years. The Tangs have been in Guilin for business for silk and household textiles in bulk cargo. For mess bulk cargo, he wanted to change business mode for chain store. Thus, he inspected our company years ago and came to our physical store last year and found that our company is the only one with 5d service. Only one week after returning, he decided to join our company. He found the store site at end of June and his store officially opened at beginning of July. And he continued seeking for store sites and signed with us for the 2nd store in the same year! After nervous decoration and display, his 2nd store successfully opened in December. The opening activity was so high on the spot and the opening performance finally reached 51489 yuan.Best wishes on Mr. Tang’s business and performance.
Fashionable generous shop image, cosy shopping environment, considerate careful service and valuable product with high quality and reasonable price attract a large number of consumers to shop! It’s so crowded in the store. And big orders keep on! There are surprising gifts. The ilahui fast fashion department store gains more flow and heats the local shopping mall! The weekend performance reach 8081.2 yuan! Congratulations!
On October 25th, 2019, Mr.Tian’s ilahui fast fashion department store in Changzhi, Shanxi grandly opened! On The opening day, it was so high even in each corner of the store. Welcome more ambitious people to join us to witness ilahui’s stronger development! Let’s win trend and win future!






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