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I am a franchisee of “ilahui”in Jiujiang City Jiangxi province. My name is Li Zhichuan. I am honored to have the opportunity to share my story with“ilahui”. Before sharing, I would like to gratitude company providing supports and help during t his two years i cooperated with company.
Hello everyone ! I am a franchisee Zhao Jun from Hainan Province. I am a kind of old franchisee since i joined “ Dosifia” in February 2012. Before i joined in, i also did other underwear brands and sports brands. We have to start reform as the fierce competition in the market. I was attracted by this company's spot production system. I don't have to order winter in summer and summer in winter. Moreover, we do not know what kind of products will be well accepted just based on selecting randomly so this way leads to severe inventory pressure during the operation. Stocks are the funds and the flow of funds is the most important process of the business.
Hello Everyone, i am Li Qi who come from XinYang City Henan Province.It is a great honor to share my story with this company here.
Hello,everyone. I’m Xu Weipeng, a franchisee from Kunshan,Jiangsu. It’s happy to share my story with Youlian Investment and Management Corporation with you.        So far, I have opened 8 stores, 2 of which are underwear stores,6 of which are ilahui stores(one is preparing). I come from Fujian. I came out to do business when I was young. Now I have also managed other brands. Earlier,I managed bulk cargo ornaments and underwears,which was quite complex. I had to stock from Changshu wholesale market then sold in store.It was tired and hardworking from morning to night. Once, I came across an investment manager who invited me to investment conference for further understanding. Then in March,2012,I took part in investment conference in Nanjing and signed on spot. After I came back, I transformed my bulk cargo store into Dosifa and opened a second underwear store in August,2014.With the help of 5d service,the business is better and better. Joining the company for 5 years,the company is stronger and stronger. I am changing too.From a previous small underwear store to now a few stores,it is closely connected with the company’s group’s support.
Hello,everyone! I’m Hong Weiping, a franchisee from Lijiang,Yunnan. It’s happy to share my story with Youlian Investment and Management Corporation with you here.     So far, I have opened 6 ilahui stores. I’m from Wenzhou. I came to Beijing in 1988 and managed clothes business for over 20 years. Chances are that I came across Ilahui when I played with my friends in Yiwu. I walked into the store and found all the products in store are abundant and I myself loved them a lot. Then,by virtue of investment manager in July,2017,I took part in the investment conference in Yiwu headquarter and signed with ilahui on spot. In the early 2016,I invested to Lijiang,Yunnan. The site is at Lijiang ancient town business street and my ilahui store is located there. The area is more than 200 square meters.
​ ​​I’m a member of the generation after 80s. I come from Guyuan,Ningxia.Thank you very much for making some time to gather here. And I’m honored to share my business starting-up with you.Starting up business is born with luster,but there is much pain behind it. I believe all the entrepreneurs feel the same. As the saying goes well, “Today is cruel,tomorrow is crueler,but the day after tomorrow is bright. However,most died yesterday. This sentence is good enough to describe entrepreneurs.






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