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Investment Q&A
Investment question and answer

Date:2023-05-25 | Author:ilahui | Clicks: 1215


一、Can I open a shop without experience?

Absolutely okay. After joining the company successfully, there will be professional supervision to give one-on-one training for free, no matter if you have experience or not, you can learn to ensure that you can open the store successfully.


二、What are the policy support for joining ilahui?

There are eight policy support for joining ilahui: all the shelves for free, site selection planning, design and decoration, products display, opening activities, training management, advertising and promotion, post-operation and maintenance, to help you open stores easily and quickly seize the wealth market.


三、Is there enough supply of ilahui products? Is the delivery of goods fast?


There are thousands of manufacturers supply ilahui with goods directly, the supply is stable, and reduce the intermediate links, guarantee the interests of franchisees, to reach a win-win situation.  With the 700 million square meters large warehouse logistics center, ilahui has built a modern big data warehouse logistics service system, and combined with Yiwu's traditional logistics distribution advantages and emerging network channels, the factory, warehouse and store product lines are closely connected. The logistics distribution center will deliver the goods to the locations of the stores in the shortest time, so that the stores will seize the market opportunities in the first time.


四、Sign the contract first or find the location of store first?

The two are not contradictory. The general joining process is like this: (cooperative application - inspect the company's exhibition hall, warehouse - accurate inspection of the store site - signing the contract, paying the deposit - shop decoration design - opening training - logistics distribution - open the store successfully. )

Because the development of each place is different, it is better for franchisees to choose their own store in the local area. Generally speaking, we suggest you sign a contract first then find the location. In addition, the company will assist the franchisee to select the site or determine the address on site according to the situation.


五、Does the company have a policy of regional protection for franchisees?


1. The area is divided according to the county administrative district. A county-level administrative district can operate up to two stores. A district-level city is divided based on the district, and so on (economically developed cities are determined according to actual conditions).

2、With the original ilahui store as the dot, the second party is not allowed to join within one kilometer radius. The two conditions make up for a comprehensive regional protection policy. (Except for two separate business environments in the second-tier cities and the business district).


六、Whether there is a preferential support policy for new franchisees


The old franchisee of ilahui also developed from the new franchisee, there is nothing special, the company's policy is rigorous and fair. If there are periodic preferential methods, the company will announce on the official website. To get the latest preferential policy, please call: 400-6666-610


七、How long will it take to open a store after the contract is signed

If it is an existing empty store, it can be opened soon. The company's goods and shelves are ready

It depends on the time of decoration, it is bidirectional to undertake. Generally, you need make an appointment to arrange the supervisor to your store to help design, drawings design (2 days)+ arrangement of shelves, distribution of goods (about 2 days)+ logistics time (yiwu to ?) = total time


八、A city has 2-3 franchisees to join at the same time, how does the company choose? What is the standard?

First of all, we thank you for your trust in us, in the daily work often appear in a region there are more than one franchisee at the same time to join, in line with the principle of fairness, justice, the company from the following options:


1、The cooperation intention franchisee

2、Personal qualities of franchisee

3、Franchisee's financial situation. Of course, the company allows multiple franchisees to operate in the same city, provided that franchisees meet the above criteria and the local market is large enough to accommodate all franchisees, with sufficient business circle protection. However, the company will set strict business circle protection distance according to different city levels to ensure the interests of each franchisee.


九、Do I have to pay all the money at once when I sign the contract?


Not necessarily. If you have not found a suitable location, you need the company's help to find the location of store or the company's assistance to determine whether the location is suitable for operation. Under this situation, we can first sign an agreement of intent (to pay the deposit) with the company, and other payments can be paid according to the process.

If franchisee has the conditions to open the store, and determine the date of opening the store. Full payment is usually paid. So that the company overall arrange the decoration design scheme; the door head and shelves, etc., the preparation of goods in logistics center, the plan send the supervisor to your store do training.


十、How many employees does a store need to hire?

According to the location of the flow of people,generally 60 square meters need 4 employees; 60-80 square meters need 5 employees; 80-100 square meters need 7 employees; A store with more than 100 square meters needs at least 10 employees.


十一、What kind of training can the company provide for me and my employees?

The overall training for new franchisees is divided into three parts:

1、Pre-opening supervisor in-store training for 3-7 days;

2、In-store practical training after opening, company supervisor go to your store to do training monthly and irregular video training;

3、1 to 2 months after the opening, come to company headquarters to take part in the large scale training in order to solve your problems.


十二、What is "five dimensional supervision service"? Do I have to pay?

At present, ilahui is the first one to achieve the "five dimensional supervision service", namely: pre-opening supervision, free! - supervision for opening, free! - after opening supervisor training, free! - later operation and maintenance supervision, free! Site supervision, store location, business analysis


十三、If I sign the contract and the store address is A place, can I go to B place to open the store?


Application is required and approved by the headquarters, but only one location can be selected.


十四、In the process of operation, if I encounter other reasons make me want to transfer store franchise, can I transfer, what is the regulation?

In principle, it cannot be transferred. In case of special circumstances, an application can be made. After the approval, the headquarters will conduct a strict review process for the third party you transferred.


十五、Anything more about joining ilahui, please contact 400-6666-610.






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