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New Store Opening
【Hechi, Guangxi】Congratulations On Miss Li’s Store Grandly Opening and Hot Sale!

Date:2020-10-21 | Author:ilahui | Clicks: 609

        Miss Li is from Hunan. She has been in Guangxi for business for tens of years. She is an outstanding businesswoman who has managed boutique for years. The staff is difficult to manage and bulk cargo is complex. On a pure accident occasion, she took part in company’s investment fair. After knowing about policies, she thought over and decided to join ilahui. After good preparation, her store grandly opened at the end of June. Let’s see high opening spot! The glorious out-field, colorful fireworks, high music, passionate MC attract customers in all directions.


        The store is crowded with customers from morning to night.



         Customers have passion in fast-fashion products in ilahui department store and carefully select them.



         Customers have passion in fast-fashion products in ilahui department store and carefully select them. There is a long line in front of checkstand.



        You can smash golden eggs during opening period for free. There is 100% prize and surprise for you.


        The opening performance reaches 27275 yuan in the end.


        May Miss Li flourishing business, prpofits come from all sides and achieve higher performances! Open 2nd, 3rd store soon.

 Supervisor in Guangxi Office: Pan Chunyu


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