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A Franchisee Story from Xinyang City Henan Province-Li Qi

Date:2023-01-31 | Author:ilahui | Clicks: 831

        Hello Everyone, i am Li Qi who come from XinYang City Henan Province.It is a great honor to share my story with this company here.

        Before joining “ Dosofia”and “ ilahui, i had been working on clothing business. However, traditional clothing business is no longer suitable for the contemporary consumer group, and has also did some jewelry industries which are also not very prosperous, what’s more some brands went bankrupt. Later, I want to transform. I learned about the “Dosifia”shop by accident. I have never been in this industry before so I have no idea and decided to go to the real store to learn more. The first time leaves me profound impression cause I were a franchise chain ever. When I entered this store, I can feel the novelty of the goods and the enthusiasm of the service, the upscale decoration then compared with previous business  and management model of my store, this company is much different. Regarding to the  decoration, display, goods, and brand packaging, “ Dosifia” is very professional and the things are not expensive even the quality is good. Frankly speaking, I used to work very hard, I was very worried about all aspects, I also invested a lot and the staff were not passionate on management and felt that I could n’t attract customers.That’s why I always wanted to find a new project to upgrade.

        Then I searched online and got in touch with our investment worker. After gave a serious consideration, i decided to cooperate in January 2018. I went back home and started to find a store and select stores .It took less than 1 month. My new career was officially started. On March 28, 2018, the decoration of my shop was finished and the goods were displayed. I was shocked by our supervisor again. Everything was done by himself and he was strict for details. The store officially opened on March 31, 2018 the supervisor finishes the layout of the opening field early in the morning, he began to call for customers passionately. He has been trying to interact with customers at the door of the store. At the scene, some small gifts were constantly sent out. The outfield and infield were full of people. He worked hard to prepare for opening and completed it perfectly. which breaks through the performance of my owned stores.

        Then my career in this company begin, gradually I have a firm confidence in my future investment direction. With the continuous understanding of company, i knew another brand “ ilahui”. So my first“ilahui” store was opened in December 2018 .The display attracts a big shopping spree. It surprised me by the good selling volume first day. It took me a few months to get all the cost back. My second store is ready nearby the 1st store.

        After cooperating with Youlian, I have changed a lot, learned how to manage, how to improve my thoughts, how to make me feel more confident and firm to insist. All is learned from the big family Youlian. It is a very lucky thing to meet such a company, and thank you too much.

With fast social step,we do not have enough time to think about one thing . And no one will lead and give reasonable advise for us . Luckily, i meet and join this company.

        Finally, I sincerely gratitude the company for its strong backing and the hard work of supervisor, and hope that the company will go further and better. As the saying goes, everything is happy, I wish all entrepreneurs a prosperous business and a happy family! Thank you all!







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