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Franchisee story in Jiujiang City Jiangxi Province- Li zhichuan

Date:2023-09-12 | Author:ilahui | Clicks: 1048

    I am a franchisee of “ilahui”in Jiujiang City Jiangxi province. My name is Li Zhichuan. I

am honored to have the opportunity to share my story with“ilahui”. Before sharing, I would like to gratitude company providing supports and help during t his two years i cooperated with company.

 I was on the catering and apparel industry before i joined in. I knew “ ilahui”by accident

and started to learn more about it. It is a fast-fashion department store brand. Compared with other same stores, i found that “ ilahui”has the competitive advantages on goods, styles and decorated styles, which gave me confidence to begin cooperate with company. I  never joined this company’s franchisee fair or visit warehouse but i believe it and also i think my decision is right.

      I have to say that the company's supervision is indeed very professional. It costed only 2 days to display my store which is more than 360 m2.During the period, the supervised leader has been actively planned and arranged opening activities.My store was opened on 31th December, 2017 and were well accepted by people. The help from company contributes my first store opened. Until now, the supervised leader has been giving advises on display, arranging activities and consultants analyzes stock condition by using concise data.Thank you again for contribution to my store.

After opening, I also participated in the company's free freight activities.At present, I bought goods from the company and the freight is paid by the company, which saves a lot of expenses. I used this saving cost on weekend promotions, member maintenance, and employee rewards so my store performance has been steadily rising! Each store manager have to take part in the company’s elite shopping guide training seesion to make store seller more professional and create higher and better performance.

        I believe my decision was right gradually as my 1st store getting high performance.  As the saying goes, "People walk up high”. I put forward higher demands on myself and strive to be higher! In September 2018, I found two shops that are suitable for the” ilahui”.  I decisively signed my second and third stores. The grand opening at the end of December 2018, the opening is still popular. With the management experience of the previous three stores, I have a deeper understanding of the department store industry so in 2019 I resolutely signed my fourth store and fifth store, and now the fourth store is already open By the way, the fifth store also opened on New Year's Day in 2020. With the company's rich product variety, sufficient supply, and comprehensive five-dimensional services, I believe that my 6 stores, 7 stores, 8 stores etc. All stores will continue to open in 2020.

        Nowadays, our social step is developing rapidly and the competition among the major peers is fierce. If you want to gain a foothold in a business district, innovation and characteristics are the core of department store retail no matter whether there is business fashion or present business system. Department store retailing is actually an eye-catching economy. Customers ’“ nature ” which is “likes new and old”. But “lilahui”  is such a brand that focuses on fashion and innovation. Basically, there are new products every week and there are hot selling products every month. Display rectification and promotion activities, giving  personalities and characteristics are important means of improving store performance. We can make the store continue to popular and active based on times, trends, and customers.

        I am touched by the fact that “ilahui” emphasizes that it is not only a community of interests with our franchisees but also family members, friends, and loved ones who share honor and disgrace. Actually, they did finally and constantly improve. Thanks again to Mr. Gong, Mr. Luo and the employees of the company for their support, understanding, tolerance and help. Because of their sincere help, I can share my story on behalf of the franchisees of “ilahui”since the pasted two years.
        Finally, using the company's slogan ---- Choose better than efforts, double-win, buy a car and buy a house. In this new year, I wish company will get better and better in the near future! I wish business boomed and thank you again all leader, colleagues, thank you all!







win-win, buy cars and buy houses

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