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Youlian Automobile Awards Ceremony 2019 with theme of "Together to Create the Future" Fortune meeting completed successfully.

Date:2022-11-28 | Author:ilahui | Clicks: 877

        From April 11th to 12th, 2020, the ILAHUI & Dosifia Automobile Awards Ceremony 2019 with the theme of "Together to create a better future" fortune meeting was held at the headquarters of Yiwu.


        This event has become an important battle to boost the industry economy and restore confidence in the industry under the epidemic situation. A worker of Youlian Mr liu zujin bring a wealth feast for the franchisee partners!


        Youlian has gone through 10 years so far and all the joining partners have gone all the way together to forge ahead. Despite all the ups and downs, we have witnessed the prosperity of our performance over the past few years and we would like to thank all the partners and all the family members of Youlian for their efforts and efforts. However, at the beginning of New Year 2020, a sudden epidemic outbreak made everyone facing unprecedented difficulties.


        The epidemic is a tribulation but there are also turning points in the crisis.

        The impact of the epidemic on the offline real economy is serious. If traditional enterprises need to survive, they must seize opportunities, gain growth then have the ability to recover! In this battle, Youlian responded quickly. Even during the epidemic, it also strengthened project tracking and services, changing  "face-to-face" signing to "screen-to-screen" signing,realizing that the project will not stop during the epidemic prevention and the service will not be dropped.




        And in this battle, Youlian accelerated the transformation from the traditional economy to digital and intelligent transformation; followed by improving the management level of the enterprise, continuously reducing costs and increasing efficiency, optimizing the internal resource allocation of the enterprise, forming its own competitive advantage;lastly, forming the core competitiveness of the enterprise according to the situation.



        As General Manager Wu of the marketing center shared at the conference: "Instead of waiting, it is better to take the initiative!" At the same time, he emphasized that "this epidemic will be a process of survival and elimination: excellent companies will rely on healthy" physique "and safe" "Protection system" to withstand the crisis, and even hone stronger strength in the crisis. " At the same time, I firmly believe that as long as we "work together" we can "create the future together!"


        On the scene, the automobile award was awarded to the 19th annual excellent franchisee, cheering everyone up! Of course, it is more important to give preferential franchise policies and operating plans to everyone present to help start a business, seize opportunities, accelerate the pace of economic recovery and achieve economic growth!


        The fierce atmosphere of the meeting and constant signing ups have fully demonstrated trust and support for Youlian .We are full of confidence and determination for the economic recovery in the second half of the year! This event is the first shot to restore the economic confidence of the industry, bring positive impact to everyone, effectively drive the chain industry's positive and healthy development and boost the confidence of real enterprises!

        Finally, for the guests and friends who came to the scene, Youlian especially thank you for your trust and support. In the future, Youlian will continue to create a future with you! Come on!







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